What’s CrossingMarche?

Dear guest,
my name’s Alessandro Ceteroni.sem
I created CrossingMarche to promote touristic business in “Le Marche”. Le Marche is the red area in the map: a little country situated in middle Italy, among the Adriatic Sea (Est), the Apennines (West), Rimini (North) and Pescara (South). By car we are 3 hours from Rome or Bologna, 5 hours from Milan or Venice….





… Le Marche is a very varied country, as you can discover looking at the map. The brown areas are mountains, the green areas are valleys and flat ground. Small rivers cross the land from the Apennines Mountains to the Adriatic shore, giving the name to the valleys: so the river Chienti creates the Val di Chienti, the river Tenna creates the Val di Tenna, the river Aso creates the Valdaso….


… cities seldom overtake 100.000 inhabitants. The typical urban settlement is the little town built in the Medieval Ages (from 9th to 14th centuries A.D.), even if there are many oldest cities erected by the Piceni (6th-3rd centuries B.C.) or by the Romans (3rd century B.C.-4th century A.D.). The coastal cities on the Adriatic shore offers resorts, hotels and nice sets for summer holydays…



… CrossingMarche aims to commend the many opportunities of Le Marche, including cultural heritage, monuments, landscapes, seascapes, cooking, sports…


Our Services:
guided tours on coach or mini-bus
driver-guided tours for small groups
guided walks
half-day, full-day and extended tours
customized itinerary planning

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Write me to:

+39 0734 859916
+39 334 8654788

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