TOUR NAME : Discovering Falerone
DURATION: 3 hours


ITINERARY.  Meeting point at the gate of the Roman Theatre of Falerone.
It’s the archeological area of Falerone, where it was placed the Roman city called Falerio Picenus.
Visitors can still observe the great theatre built in the 1st century A.D. 


After the visit of the Roman Theatre, the guide moves to the medieval town by car or mini-bus.
Today Falerone (altitude of 432 metres, inhabitants 3442) is a graceful town close the Apennines and not far from the Adriatic Sea.
We can cross the silent streets and take pictures of landscapes and monuments.








In Piazza della Libertà, the main square of the old town, we see the Loggia dei Mercanti, a two tiers building of round arches supported by columns. The Church of San Fortunato, that faces the Merchants Loggia, hosts the painting “Worship of the Child” (1479) by Vittore Crivelli.






80 EUR for group up to 5 people, 110 EUR for group up to 20 people.
The tour includes an English or Italian speaking guide, the visit of the old town with the Church of San Fortunato.
Not included: ticket for the Roman Theatre.


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Porto San Giorgio

TOUR NAME: Discovering Porto San Giorgio
DURATION: 3 hours

ITINERARY. Porto San Giorgio (altitude of 4 metres, inhabitants 16091) is a well-known seaside resort. I like visit this place in every season, because it always offers some pleasant event. The meeting point is the Theatre Vittorio Emanuele II, built in 1813. After the visit of the theatre, the guide moves to the stronghold Rocca Tiepolo (1267), by the name of Lorenzo Tiepolo, lord of Fermo and Venice. In the central ways of the city visitors can have time for shopping. Walking along the promenade, the group reaches the port, where the tour ends.







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80 EUR for group up to 5 people, 110 EUR for group up to 20 people.
The tour includes an English or Italian speaking guide for all the tour and the visit of the Theatre.
Not included: admittance to Rocca Tiepolo.


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Pedaso (altitude of 4 metres, inhabitants 2409) was a medieval castle on the top of the hill, abandoned during the 18th century, when people started to slide down and build a new city next to the coast. I like take a rest on the sea cliffs, walking on the peaceful and not crowded seafront.


The sightseeing tour includes the Church of St. Mary and St. Peter and the visit of the lighthouse.


If you are looking for a good fish restaurant, book in “Tilt 2”, settled behind the Church of St.Mary and St.Peter. Leaving Pedaso, we can visit Lapedona, Moresco, Ortezzano, Fermo, Ascoli Piceno. The road that goes from Pedaso to the Apennines is called “Valdaso” (“Val” means valley, “Aso” is a river). Valdaso is famous for farming production, expecially apples and olives. Valdaso is a perfect set for spring holidays. Contact us to plan a daily tour guide from your resort, hotel or holidays camp!!



(picture of the Adriatic Shore from the train)

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It’s a sunny day in Ortezzano, a nice little town nearby the Apennines.


Walking alone after lunch, I take pictures of the silent alleys.


In the Medieval Ages, the Old Town of Ortezzano (altitude of 301 metres, inhabitants 832) was a castle built by the Benedectine monks. You can still appreciate the signs of the ancient defensive system.


Cultural heritage shows the importance of Ortezzano in the past.
The Church of St.Mary hosts the painting “Madonna on the throne with Child and Saints” by Vincenzo Pagani.


The Church of the Suffrage preserves a beautiful curvilinear facade.



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