“Salata” in Amandola

Today I’m writing from Amandola (altitude of 500 metres, inhabitants 3800). A custom of the local people, handed down from generation to generation, is the “salata” or “pista”, that is to say “butchery of pig”.

The salata happens regularly on winter, when the cold weather preserves the meat.

I can testify they use everything but the oink!






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Lapedona (altitude of 263 metres, inhabitans 1159)  is a graceful little hill town built in the Medieval Ages, settled just 15 minutes by car from the Adriatic Sea.


First we can visit St. Peter Church (12th century), used as chapel in the graveyard…


Then we  arrive to The Abbey of Saints Quiric and Giulitta (12th century).
This Romanesque Church preserves nice frescoes.

Entering the Old Town by the medieval gate called “Porta del Sole” (“Sun Gate”, 14th century), we walk into the Town Hall arcade, that hosts a Roman tombstone, then we reach Leopardi Square.


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It’s a sunny day in Ortezzano, a nice little town nearby the Apennines.


Walking alone after lunch, I take pictures of the silent alleys.


In the Medieval Ages, the Old Town of Ortezzano (altitude of 301 metres, inhabitants 832) was a castle built by the Benedectine monks. You can still appreciate the signs of the ancient defensive system.


Cultural heritage shows the importance of Ortezzano in the past.
The Church of St.Mary hosts the painting “Madonna on the throne with Child and Saints” by Vincenzo Pagani.


The Church of the Suffrage preserves a beautiful curvilinear facade.



Tour guide:

+39 0734 859916
+39 334 8654788