TOUR NAME: Discovering Fermo

INTRODUCTION:  Fermo (altitude of 319 metres, inhabitants 37274) was built on the top of the hill Sabulo by the Villanovian people (9th century B.C.).tumblr_n22st8Zvmd1tqwhedo7_r1_1280(view of the Cathedral)

Fermo became a densely populated city in the Roman Ages.
Today we can still admire the cisterne romane, the underground cisterns built by the Romans (1st century) to provide the water for the city.
You can see also the ruins of the ancient Roman walls.tumblr_n22s3pIv0y1tqwhedo7_1280
(Roman walls)

In the Medieval Ages the bishops of Fermo were the most powerful lords of the middle Marche. They ruled a large land including Macerata, Porto San Giorgio and Civitanova Marche.tumblr_n22s3pIv0y1tqwhedo4_1280(Palazzo dei Priori. Distant, the tower of the Church of San Domenico)


(Piazza del Popolo)

ITINERARY.  The itinerary is composed of a morning tour called “Crossing Fermo: Girfalco and Corso Cefalonia”, and an afternoon tour called “Crossing Fermo: museums and Church of San Francesco”.
(Visitors can buy the complete itinerary or a single tour).

MORNING TOUR: Girfalco and Corso Cefalonia. The meeting point is Piazza del Popolo, the beautiful central square of Fermo, built in the Renaissance (16th Cenruty). The guide shows the historic buildings of the square: Town Hall, Church of San Rocco, Library, Palazzo dei Priori. Then he moves to Girfalco, the highest square of Fermo, where there are the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and a graceful park with benches and a kindergarten. Leaving Girfalco and crossing ancient alleys like Via del Teatro Antico, the guide reaches Corso Cefalonia, the most important way of the old town, with the medieval Matteucci Tower, Palazzo Vitali-Rosati and Palazzo Azzolino. We can reach also the churches of Sant’Agostino and San Zenone. The morning tour ends in Piazza del Popolo, where visitors can have lunch and relax.

AFTERNOON: Museums and Church of San Francesco. The meeting point is Piazza del Popolo. The guide explains the art gallery in Palazzo dei Priori, that hosts important paintings like the Stories of St. Lucy by Jacobello del Fiore (15th Century) and the Adorazione dei pastori by Peter Rubens (1608). Next to the Town Hall there’s the Theatre Dell’Aquila, one of the most beautiful Italian theatre, built by Cosimo Morelli (18th Century). Then the guide moves to the Roman cisterns, an underground place built by the Romans to preserve water and to distribute it in the city. The tour ends with the visit of the Church of San Francesco, that hosts medieval frescoes (13th Century).


tumblr_n22st8Zvmd1tqwhedo1_1280(murder in front of the church of San Domenico)


(Leopardi square)








160 EUR for group up to 5 people, 220 EUR for group up to 20 people.
The tour includes an English or Italian speaking guide for all the tour, the visit of the old town, the outside and inside visit of the Cathedral, the visit of the Church of San Francesco.
Not included: tickets for the museums.

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Fermo, Cathedral

The S. Mary Cathedral in Fermo, made in white Istrian stone, is one of the most striking and beautiful churches of Le Marche. It rises up on the top of the Girfalco Hill, where the Romans built the city for the first time. 



The church preserves a wonderful Gothic rose window and the valuable decoration of the portal, where it appeares vineyards, winemakers and symbolic creatures.




“Via del Teatro Antico” links the Cathedral to Piazza del Popolo, the main square of the Old Town. Along this way, it was placed the roman theatre. 


You can also take a look to the S. Sabino statue.

(S. Sabino statue rises up on a full-daisies grass)

The Marche are a perfect set for holidays in every season.
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