Pedaso (altitude of 4 metres, inhabitants 2409) was a medieval castle on the top of the hill, abandoned during the 18th century, when people started to slide down and build a new city next to the coast. I like take a rest on the sea cliffs, walking on the peaceful and not crowded seafront.


The sightseeing tour includes the Church of St. Mary and St. Peter and the visit of the lighthouse.


If you are looking for a good fish restaurant, book in “Tilt 2”, settled behind the Church of St.Mary and St.Peter. Leaving Pedaso, we can visit Lapedona, Moresco, Ortezzano, Fermo, Ascoli Piceno. The road that goes from Pedaso to the Apennines is called “Valdaso” (“Val” means valley, “Aso” is a river). Valdaso is famous for farming production, expecially apples and olives. Valdaso is a perfect set for spring holidays. Contact us to plan a daily tour guide from your resort, hotel or holidays camp!!



(picture of the Adriatic Shore from the train)

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