Fermo, Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo is the heart of Fermo. The oval-shaped square is made of impressive arcades (16th century) and historic buildings.



The nine arches of the St. Roch arcade (1505), built as an ex-voto by merchant Gianfrancesco Rosati, are an excellent model of the graceful beauty of this square.


In the square we find the Town Hall, the public library “Romolo Spezioli”, and the municipal art gallery at the first floor of “Palazzo dei Priori”. The gallery hosts valuable paintings like the polyptych Madonna with Child and Saints by Andrea da Bologna (1369), the panels depicting the Stories of St. Lucy’s life by Jacobello del Fiore (1412), and the Worship of the shepherds by Pieter Paul Rubens (1608). Here you can see also the great wooden globe made by Silvestro Moroncelli (1713), preserved in a room called “Globe hall” that links Palazzo dei Priori to the public library.

fermo mapp

20140304_135655(Palazzo dei Priori, with the statue of Pope Sixtus the Fifth in the facade)

After the guided tour, I suggest to take a rest under the arcades.


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Francavilla d’Ete

The little town of Francavilla d’Ete (altitude of 231 metres, inhabitants 981) comes from a Medieval castle, submitted to Fermo from the 14th century. The name “Francavilla” probably means the tax exemptions of the area in the Medieval Ages (“Franca” means free, “villa” means villages).


Here I was with my mother Stefania: she’s a local specialized tour guide too. For a young tour guide like me, the advices of the colleagues are essential!


We visited the Church of St. Peter, that rises next to a nice flower garden.



Then we went to the Church of St. Roch, that hosts a “Worship of Shepherds” by Vincenzo Pagani.



Tour guide:
+39 0734 859916
+39 334 8654788