TOUR NAME: Leopardi’s itinerary
DURATION: 3 hours

ITINERARY. Recanati (altitude of 296 metres, inhabitants 21467) is famous all around the world for the writer Giacomo Leopardi. This itinerary focuses on the life of Leopardi, born in Recanati in 1798. He spent childhood and adolescence in the family palace in Recanati, where his father Monaldo Leopardi arranged a library with 20.000 books!

HIGHLIGHTS: Piazza Leopardi, Church of San Domenico, Theatre Persiani, Palazzo Venieri, Church of Sant’Agostino, Piazza del Sabato del Villaggio, Casa Leopardi, Colle dell’Infinito.

recanati(Piazza Lepoardi)

rec(the Civic Tower)

rec(Casa Leopardi)




80 EUR for group up to 5 people, 110 EUR for group up to 20 people.
The tour includes an English or Italian speaking guide.
Not included: Reservation for Theatre Persiani. Admittance to Casa Leopardi.

The Adriatic Shore is a perfect set for summer holidays!!
Contact us to plan a daily tour guide from your resort, hotel or holidays camp!!

Tour guide:

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