Porto San Giorgio

TOUR NAME: Discovering Porto San Giorgio
DURATION: 3 hours

ITINERARY. Porto San Giorgio (altitude of 4 metres, inhabitants 16091) is a well-known seaside resort. I like visit this place in every season, because it always offers some pleasant event. The meeting point is the Theatre Vittorio Emanuele II, built in 1813. After the visit of the theatre, the guide moves to the stronghold Rocca Tiepolo (1267), by the name of Lorenzo Tiepolo, lord of Fermo and Venice. In the central ways of the city visitors can have time for shopping. Walking along the promenade, the group reaches the port, where the tour ends.







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80 EUR for group up to 5 people, 110 EUR for group up to 20 people.
The tour includes an English or Italian speaking guide for all the tour and the visit of the Theatre.
Not included: admittance to Rocca Tiepolo.


The Adriatic Shore is a perfect set for summer holidays!!
Contact us to plan a daily tour guide from your resort, hotel or holidays camp!!

Tour guide: crossingmarche@gmail.com


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